What we offer

Subrogation Outsourcing Program

Our premium solution to meeting your needs: licensed adjusters in negotiation, suspension of drivers license when applicable, and recovery of your money as quickly as possible.

Files Worked on Contingency Basis

Your files are worked to a conclusion on contingency basis thus encouraging the best possible productivity from our specialists. If we don't make recovery, we don't get paid.

Arbitration Services

Be more productive by letting us file those time consuming arbitration cases for you. We can design a stand alone service on a contingency or flat fee basis.

Client Services

  • Arbitration services
  • Skip tracing/Asset searches
  • Litigation services
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Acknowledgment of assignments
  • Monthly status of all accounts
  • Detailed closing reports
  • License suspension

Documentation needed to handle a claim

Our adjusters are trained to organize the facts of the loss and prove up the claim to make sure all documentation is in the file. This is essential in case we need to file a claim with another insurance carrier or file for suspension when applicable.